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A Criminal Case Was Opened Against a Sevastopol Resident for Pushing Portrait of Prigozhyn and Stepping on Russian Flag

A criminal case was started against Hlib Malkov, a Sevastopol’ resident, for insulting the Russian flag (RF CC Article 329).

As reported by the occupation “police” of Sevastopol, a 21-year-old man detained at the Kornilov monument pushed the Russian flag. He also “publicly expressed his disagreement with conducting the SVO.”

As reported by local Telegram channels, on August 25, the young man came to the “spontaneous memorial of the fallen leaders of the “Wagner” PMC Yevgeniy Prigozhyn and Dmitriy Utkin”, pushed their portraits, and also stepped on the Russian flag.

Later, blogger-collaborator Aleksandr Talipov published a video with Malkov’s apology; earlier, another recording had been published on the same channel, with the Sevastopoler explaining that he had pushed the Russian flag as a sign of protest against Russia’s attack on his country, Ukraine.

The OVD info also reports, that on September 4, the “Leninskiy District Court” of Sevastopol received a case against Hlib Malkov for discrediting the Russian army (RF CoAO Article 20.3.3-1), with the hearing scheduled for October.

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