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A Crimean Imam Charged With Unlawful ‘Missionary Activity’

The house of Imam Ismayil Yurdamov in village of Pryvitne, Kirovskiy District, was searched. The man was taken to the occupation “police” station and an administrative report was drawn up against him.

The CHRG informs that the administrative report was drawn up against Mr.Ismayil Yurdamov for violating the laws on freedom of conscience, religion, and religious associations – RF CoAO Article 5.26-4 (“Missionary Activities that violate the provisions of the law on freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and religious associations”).

The Crimean Solidarity reports that during the search Khatidzhe, an 11-year-old daughter of Imam, fainted twice. The Imam’s relatives informed that people wearing the uniform, with guns, search witnesses, and two non-military persons hadn’t answered any question.

Later it was informed that the search had been performed by “Extremism Counteracting Center” agents including Roman Filatov, “police” senior lieutenant.

The Crimean Solidarity informed that “Filatov has been participating in the persecution of Crimean Muslims for a long time — he drew up reports for people’s publications on the Internet, detained Crimean Tatar lawyers. The search witnesses were two students who once arrived at the police station, asked the ECC agents to provide them with certificates of absence from lectures”.

Gulsum, an Imam’s daughter, notes that the search of their house has been caused by her father’s active support of the Crimean political prisoners.

“He has constantly attended courts in Crimea and Rostov. He spoke on behalf of the elders of our village in defense of unjustly arrested Crimean Tatars. In addition, he has been Imam of Mosque for over 20 years. He has held supplications, marriage ceremonies. People have always come to him with questions”, Gulsum informed.

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