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A Citizen of Ukraine Awarded 5-Years’ Sentence in Crimea For Allegedly Serving In N.Chelebidzhikhan Battalion

The “Dzhankoy District Court” has sentenced a citizen of Ukraine to 5 years in confinement for allegedly serving in Noman Chelebidzhikhan Crimean Tatar Battalion.

This is reported by ‘Crimean FSB” press office.

The occupiers inform that the man was detained this April when he “was attempting to enter Crimea”.

“The “Dzhankoy District Court” found the defendant guilty of the incriminated crime and sentenced him to five years in confinement, with serving the first year in prison, and the remaining years in the maximum security regime penal colony”, the communication says.

The full name of the person is not mentioned.

The Crimean Human Rights Group reminds that persecuting the persons who are not criminals pursuant to the Ukrainian laws constitutes the violation of Article 7 of European Convention on Human Rights (No punishment without law), since, pursuant to the international humanitarian law, the Russian Federation shall not enforce its national criminal law in the temporarily occupied territory.


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