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A Bakhchisarai Resident May Be Sentenced to 3 Years for Relieving Himself on Z and V Installation

The “Bakhchisarai District Court’ arrested Aleksandr Tiurenko detained the day before for relieving himself at Z and V installation, for 2 months as pre-trial restriction.

On August 26, a video was published in the Crimean public channels, with an unknown man urinating on the letters Z and V installed on the square in Bakhchisarai.

Later, blogger-collaborator Aleksandr Talipov posted a video of Aleksandr Tiurenko’s “apology”, filmed in the department of the occupation “police”.

The man was detained after opening a criminal case under RF CC Article 214-2 (vandalism motivated by political hatred). Mr. Tiurenko may get a three years’ sentence.

Aleksandr Talipov is the founder of the Crimean SMERSH channel. This community has been seeking for Crimeans who express their disagreement with Russia’s war against Ukraine and are waiting for the de-occupation of the peninsula, and unleashing the occupying security forces on them.

Members of the Crimean SMERSH movement consider all those who do not support Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine to be spies. The personal data of such people are published on the Telegram channel so that other members of the community can threaten them in writing or calling. Each publication about the people who oppose the regime policy is accompanied by addressing “comrade major”, i.e. the FSB, to “sort out”.

Then the security men do come to the people, and administrative or criminal cases are started.

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