60-year old Dzhemil Hafarov is in a critical state after the sentence, – lawyer

The state of 60-year old Dzhemil Hafarov sentenced to 13 years in a colony has worsened strongly.

As the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reports, Hafarov can barely stand, complains about chest pain and requires urgent hospitalization and examination. They are unable to provide him with a quality medical aid in the pre-trial detention facility of Rostov-on-Don.

“On 11 September, a day of awarding their sentences, he was hardly able to enter a courtroom. Even at that time he was complaining about heartache, but he endured it. They were going up to the third floor and, when he came up, he said that he felt bad. Then he asked to call an ambulance, but they didn’t”, – Emil Kurdeminov told, as reported by Crimean Solidarity.

According to the prisoner’s wife Razie Hafarova, in 2017, before criminal case was initiated, he suffered a major heart attack. The same year he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease with worsening kidney filtration. Hafarov needs regular dialysis, which is impossible in conditions of pre-trial detention facility.

As the CHRG reported, South District Court Martial, on the 11th of January, passed a sentence in the case of “the second Simferopol Group” of Hizb ut-Tahrir: Alim Karimov, Seiran Murtazi, Erfan Osmanov, Dzhemil Hafarov, and Servet Haziev, – in a form of imprisonment for a term of 13 years.

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