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Open appeal of human rights organizations on the illegal conviction of Ihor Movenko

To Governments of Ukraine, EU Member States, Switzerland, Norway, the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan to international organizations   OPEN APPEAL   On May 4th 2018 Mr Pavel Kryllo, a judge of ‘Gagarinsky District Court’ of Sevastopol City (a RF citizen who has arrived from Omsk City) passed a judgment on Mr Ihor Movenko, a Ukrainian activist, and handed him a two-year’s sentence in the general regime penal colony for comments...
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Children study in Russian in only Ukrainian school in Crimea

There is no Ukrainian class in the Ukrainian medium School no 20 in Feodosia as the schoolchildren and their parents have reported to the Crimean Human Rights Group. The school charter published at the educational establishment website says that there are two language media at school – Russian and Ukrainian. However, the information board at the school entrance is only in Russian.   You may find the Ukrainian school website on the...
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4 people died unnaturally in April in Simferopol Detention Center

In April of 2018, according to CHRG data, at least four people including two Crimean Tatars, died unnaturally in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1. The CHRG holds information that Mr Server Bilialov, 69 years old, and Mr Oleg Goncharov, 46 years old, were supposedly found hanged in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1 administrated by the RF occupation authorities. On April 12th Mr Dmitriy Shypovnik, 23 years old, was found hanged in the...
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The head of the temporary detention facility was forced to write a statement on Balukh, in order to open another criminal case against the activist – reported the lawyer

Defender of Vladimir Balukh lawyer Dmitry Dinze gave his comments regarding the meeting of the Razdolnensky District Court. The lawyer reported that during the court session a video recording of the corridor and the chamber where V. Baluch was located at the time of his conflict with the head of the temporary detention facility Razdolnesky District Court was demonstrated. Also, the lawyer told about the results of the interrogation of the...
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The head of the temporary detention facility Tkachenko was questioned in the Crimean “court” in the case of the Ukrainian activist Balukh.

The Razdolnensky District Court in Crimea, is considering on merits a third criminal case, fabricated against Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh. Today, on 11 April, 2018, the head of the temporary detention facility Valery Tkachenko, who acts as a victim, was questioned. In his testimony, Tkachenko denied that he regularly insulted Balukh on national or political grounds, and also denied insulting his parents. Tkachenko, referring to Article...
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Ukrainian activists were summoned to the “prosecutor’s office” in Crimea

Activists of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Crimea, Alena Popova and Olga Pavlenko, were summoned for the “conversation” by Alexei Puchkov who is the senior assistant of the “prosecutor” of Simferopol. The employee of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office was interested in the work of the Centre and the issue of the newspaper “Krymsky teren”. Activists took advantage of the right not to testify against...
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The hate speech in Crimea serves as a weapon for the Russian Federation against the Ukrainians – the results of the study

Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, members or supporters of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, activists of EuroMaidan, Muslims and migrants are the main groups against which the hate speech was used in Crimea information space. Also, the objects of hatred were women, representatives of the LGBT community, journalists, and representatives of various religious denominations. This is evidenced by the data of the study of hate speech in the media...
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Threats of dismissal and check by lists – new facts of coercion for elections in Crimea

The Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG) recorded a number of facts of forcing the inhabitants of the peninsula to participate in the illegal presidential elections in the Russian Federation. For security reasons, CHRG does not indicate the information regarding its sources living in the occupied territory. “The heads of at least two large enterprises in Kerch, which have more than 100 employees, were obliged to ensure the appearance of...
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Two criminal cases were started in Crimea against Fazil Ibraimov who is the activist of so called “Polyana protesta” (Protest glade)

The activist was detained after a search in his house. Fazil Ibraimov and his wife Mumine were detained on February 15, 2018 in Simferopol at 10 am, when they were together on their wat to their son in the Strelkovoie village. According to Mumine, they were approached by a police car. One of the policemen introduced himself as Lieutenant Ruslan Fedchenko. He asked the Ibraimov family for a passports to check, after they were put in a car and...
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