Since the occupation beginning 172,422 people arrived Crimea from Russia

The RF controlled ‘Department of Federal State Statistics Service for Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol City’ (KrymStat) published the statistical data on people who arrived in Crimea and Sevastopol from the RF. According to the agency data, 32,306 arrived in Crimea in 2019, including 20,170 in the AR Crimea and 12,036 in Sevastopol City. The total number of those who arrived in Crimea from the RF for the period of occupation is 172,422, including 96,351 in the AR Crimea and 76,071 in Sevastopol City.

It should be pointed out that when assessing the migration movement, the KRYMSTAT accounted only those who registered in Crimea at the local authorities de facto.

The Crimean Human Rights Organization emphasizes that transferring the population of the occupying power into the territory it occupies violates Article 49 of the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war.

Such transfer process would change a demographic structure on the occupied territory.

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