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Shortage of Masks, Antiseptics, and Paracetamol in Crimean Pharmacies

This is evidenced by the results of monitoring carried out in Crimea from March 23 to March 27. The Crimean Human Rights Group monitored 16 pharmacies in 6 Crimean cities.

3 pharmacies were checked in Simferopol, Feodosiya, and Yalta each, 4 pharmacies – in Kerch, 2 – in Belogorsk, and 1 in Sudak.

None of these pharmacies sell protective masks. It is also hard to find gauze fabric in these pharmacies to be used for making the masks. A 5-meter gauze cut was available only at one of the 16 pharmacies checked.

The MIRAMISTIN antiseptic is sold in three Kerch pharmacies, as well as in one of the Simferopol pharmacies. In another Kerch pharmacy you can make a pre-order for MIRAMISTIN. In all other checked pharmacies there are no antiseptics on sale.

PARACETAMOL is sold in 3 Kerch pharmacies out of 16 checked. In addition, one Feodosia and one Sudak pharmacies sell febrifuges, with paracetamol in the composition. You can’t find this medicine in other checked pharmacies.

Masks and alcohol-containing antiseptics are needed to protect against coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Masks are needed, first and foremost, for those who cough and sneeze, and have COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, the occupation authorities should provide the masks for the healthy people who are in contact with people suspected of COVID-19 (e.g., medical staff, utilities, etc.).

Information on absence of masks in the entrance door of pharmacy in Feodosiya.

The number of COVID-19 cases is increasing in Crimea. The shortage of masks and alcohol-containing antiseptics would increase substantially a risk of people infecting and the coronavirus infection spreading.

Надпись об отсутсвии масок на входной двери аптеки в Феодосии
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