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Jamming of Ukrainian FM Radio Station Signal in North of Crimea Amplified Again

In September 2021 the Crimean Human Rights Group monitored again the FM radio broadcasting in the north of the peninsula. Compared to the previous monitoring held this June, the situation with Ukrainian signal transmission has become worse.

Earlier this year, in June, the Ukrainian radio broadcasting was accessible in 8 settlements of 19. In September, the signal of Ukrainian FM radio stations could be heard only in 5 settlements of the same list, with the number of frequencies the Ukrainian radio signal may be heard at, having reduced too. It should be noted that in March 2021, the signal of Ukrainian FM stations was accessible in 13 settlements of 19 checked.

The Ukrainian FM radio stations could not be still listened to in such settlements as Solionoye Ozero, Dzhankoy, Ovoschnoye, Martynovka, Zavet Leninsky, Lobanovo, Zelenaya Niva, Krasnoperekopsk, Armiansk, and Ishun’.

In Vishnevka, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Pridorozhnoye, Zarechnoye the signal of Ukrainian FM stations was accessible at some frequencies in June. In September a simultaneous broadcasting of two radio stations was heard at these frequencies. As a result, the signal at these frequencies is currently garbled.

At other frequencies in these settlements, the signal of Russian FM stations is accessible in good quality.

Only one Ukrainian station can be heard in the settlements of Yermakovo and Novoaleksandrovka, 3 Ukrainian FM stations – in Istochnoye and Voinka, and 5 in Predmostnoye.

Near the CHONGAR checkpoint, in the occupied territory of the peninsula, programs of 6 Ukrainian FM radio stations can be listened to, though only 3 Ukrainian radio stations can be heard on the Crimean side near the CHAPLYNKA checkpoint.

At a frequency of 99.8 MHz, at which a signal of NV Ukrainian radio could be picked up in March, “Zvezda” radio subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation broadcasts in all other checked settlements of the monitoring list.

Broadcasting of the Ukrainian FM from CHAPLYNKA in northern Crimea is jammed by the following Russian radio stations:

95.3 of KULTURA Radio               by KRYM radio

96.4 of PERETS FM                          by MORE radio

99.8MHz of NV Radio                     by ZVEZDA radio

102.3 of MEYDAN Radio              by SPUTNIK radio

103.5 of KHAYAT Radio                by MAYAK radio

106.4 of PROMIN’ Radio               by VATAN SEDASY radio.

Broadcasting of the Ukrainian FM from CHONGAR in northern Crimea is jammed by the following Russian radio stations:

100.7 of UKRAYINS’KE Radio   by SPUTNIK radio

102.6 of PROMIN’ Radio               by VESTI radio

103 of ARMIA FM Radio               by KRYM radio

104.1 of NV Radio                             by MORE radio

105.9 of KRYM.REALII Radio    by VESTI radio

107.8 of KHERSON FM Radio    by VATAN SEDASY radio.

It should be recalled that earlier the Crimean Human Rights Group has reported about a new TV & Radio Broadcasting Tower mounted close to the CHAPLYNKA Checkpoint.

The CHRG monitors used car radios to check which Ukrainian FM radio stations could be listened to in 19 settlements of Northern Crimea: cities of Armiansk, Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoy, as well as in settlements located along the main roads – Ishun’, Zelenaya Niva, Vishnevka, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Istochnoye, Novoaleksandrovka, Martynovka, Solionoye Ozero, Zavet-Leninsky, Yermakovo, Pridorozhnoye, Predmostnoye, Zarechnoye, Ovoschnoye, Lobanovo, Voinka.

The Crimean Human Rights Group regularly monitors the territory of northern Crimea. The monitoring campaign results demonstrate a consistent violation of the right of Crimean residents to access information, namely, independent Ukrainian media. The blocking of Ukrainian websites and radio stations by the Russian Federation was also condemned in the UN General Assembly resolution “Situation of human rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine) “, adopted on December 16, 2020.

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