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Check points at the administrative border with Crimea were not developed out of budget, the monitoring

The Crimean Human Rights Group experts, together with a “KRYMSKA SVITLYTSIA” journalist, monitored the Ukrainian check points at the administrative border with the occupied Crimea on November 12th – 13th 2018.

For the Crimean Human Rights Group, it had become the sixth monitoring visit to the check points (entrance / exit stations).

According to the human rights experts’ information, the condition of check points demonstrates that no specific works have been performed by the public agencies to develop CHONGAR, CHAPLYNKA, and KALANCHAK check points, though the funds for them – to an amount of UAH105,983.571thou were allocated in the summer, pursuant to CMU Resolution no 584 of 4 July 2018.

‘There is still only a roofed heated shelter with metal benches at CHONGAR check point entrance.

A medical aid station is closed. There is no lighting at the check point approaches. There is no drinking water. Facilities to be paid for. There is no parking for vehicles.

There are just few concrete slabs as road barriers in front of CHAPLYNKA check point.

KALANCHAK check point has got a parking area and a small heated bus station structure.

According to the documents, the parking area and the structure are owned by a private company. Transport services are provided only by individuals. There is still no access to water and no medical aid station at the check point’, Mr Aleksandr Sedov said.

The human rights expert pointed out that a movable structure for the national police had appeared at the KALANCHAK check point. As he said, at the moment of monitoring the policemen were asking everybody leaving the check point to show a passport and give a mobile number and an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Mr Sedov explained that the information on the mobile number and its IMEI was private and the people were not obliged to report it voluntarily to the police staff.


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