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Open statement of human rights and civil society organizations of Ukraine on the persecution of Crimean activists

Today, on November 8, 2017, illegal searches took place in the houses of Crimean Tatar activists and members of the public movement “Crimean Solidarity”, namely Sieitumier Sietumierov, Eldar Kantiemyrov, Head of the regional Majlis, Ekriem Abdulvatov, Alimdar (Ruslan) Bielialov, Khalid Bielialov in the various regions of Crimea (Bakhchysarai, Staryi Krym, Simferopol District). In addition, five more Crimean Tatars, who were employed...
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The sentence to Balukh was cancelled because of violations committed by the court, – lawyer

Дмитрий Динзе, фото Фейсбук The defender of political prisoner Vladimir Balukh told the CHRG about the reasons for the cancellation of the verdict against the Ukrainian and about possible options for further developments in this resonant case. The lawyer of Vladimir Balukh Dmitry Dinze said that the verdict to the Ukrainian activist was cancelled during the examination of the appeal against the verdict of the Razdolnensky...
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The case of Ukrainian Vladimir Balukh was returned for reconsideration

Today, on October 2, the “Supreme Court of Crimea” decided to revoke the sentence of Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh. His criminal case was sent to a new trial in another court. The measure of restraint in the form of custody remains in force, – the lawyer of Balukh Dmitry Dinze specified. Recall, the “judge” of the “Razdolnensky District Court” Maria Bedritskaya sentenced Balukh to 3 years and 7...
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Open statement by human rights organizations about Ilmi Umerov’s politically motivated persecution and illegal conviction

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Crimean Human Rights Group and Human Rights Information Center strongly condemn the illegal and cynical actions of the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea concerning politically motivated persecution and illegal conviction of Ilmi Umerov, a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, as a result of his public statements in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. ...
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UN report details grave human rights violations in Russian-occupied Crimea

GENEVA (25 September 2017) – The human rights situation in Crimea* has significantly deteriorated under Russian occupation, with “multiple and grave violations” committed by Russian state agents, according to a landmark report by the UN Human Rights Office published today. “Grave human rights violations, such as arbitrary arrests and detentions, enforced disappearances, ill-treatment and torture, and at least one extra-judicial...
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The activist was fined In Sevastopol for organizing a peaceful assembly

On September 20, 2017 the Leninsky District Court of Sevastopol fined the organizer of the peaceful public assembly Lenur Usmanov for 10,000 rubles. The ruling on administrative punishment was made by the “judge” Olga Prokhorchuk. Recall that on September 1, in Sevastopol, despite the ban on holding a peaceful public event, the residents went to a rally against the actions of the authorities to deprive Sevastopol of land. The police...
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Kabir Mohammad was released from the Crimean pre-detention centre under a written undertaking not to leave the place

A Ukrainian citizen of Afghan origin, Kabir Mohammad, was released today from the Simferopol pre-detention centre after 11 months of illegal detention on September 12. This was informed to Crimean human rights group by the wife of Kabir Oksana Mohhamad. Ukrainian citizen reported that according to the medical examination conducted by Kabir in the Simferopol city hospital, he cannot be kept in custody for health reasons. The family of Mohammad:...
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Ukrainian political prisoner Kolomiets was engaged in the physical labour in the Russian colony

Ukrainian political prisoner, convicted in Crimea for attempting the life of the Crimean officers of the Berkut on Maidan in Kyiv, began working at one of the enterprises located in the colony in the Krasnodar colony. The company, on which the Ukrainian works, makes sacks for sugar. For the first month Kolomiets received 20 packs of cigarettes in the form of wages. Galina Kolomiets (Zalikhanova) after a short-term meeting with her husband told...
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The defence of the Crimean citizen Kostenko filed a new complaint regarding the case of torture

Александр Костенко Dmitry Sotnikov who is the lawyer of the participant of the Maidan, the Crimean citizen Alexander Kostenko filed a second cassation appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation regarding the refusing to institute criminal proceedings against FSS officers for torture during the detention of the Ukrainian. The lawyer informed the Crimean human rights group about this. Sotnikov explained that a second...
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Ukrainian activist Leonid Kuzmin left Crimea because of threats

лгOn August 30, 2017 the Head of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Crimea Leonid Kuzmin was forced to urgently leave Crimea to the mainland Ukraine. During the preparation of the first issue of the newspaper “Krimsky Teren” Kuzmin began to receive threats by phone in the form of calls and SMS messages. The same threats were sent to the activist’s relatives. Kuzmin was written that he must leave Crimea, or he will be...
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A new criminal case was opened in Crimea against political prisoner Vladimir Balukh

After Vladimir Balukh and his lawyer filed a complaint to the police against the illegal actions of the head of the Razdolnensky temporary detention facility Valery Tkachenko, who was insulting and also hit the Ukrainian, Tkachenko filed a complaint against the Ukrainian in response. According to Tkachenko, on August 22 2017 the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation started criminal proceedings against Balukh on Part 1 of Article...
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In Crimea, a civil activist who spoke against the demolition of the village, was sentenced to 5 days of administrative arrest

On August 20, 2017 the “Zaliznychnii District Court” of Simferopol issued a ruling on administrative punishment in the form of arrest for 5 days to the Crimean resident Fazil Ibraimov. The “Judge” Domnikova Maria Victorovna imputed to the activist Part 1 of Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (disobedience to the lawful order or demand of a police officer) and ruled the...
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