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Human rights defenders have developed recommendations on the return of things seized during a search in Crimea

The Russian authorities constantly conduct searches in Crimea, during which they seize the belongings of people. First of all, this applies to computers and electronics. Usually the owners are not being explained regarding the grounds for the seizure of their belongings, their status and the place where these belongings are stored. Lawyers of the CHRG, on the basis of analysis of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation (which...
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Ukrainian citizen Igor Movenko was beaten in Crimea and taken to the Federal Security Service of Russia

Игорь Мовенко This morning, on 16 December 2016, in Sevastopol, the officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia came to the work of Igor Movenko and took him with them. Also, law enforcement officers seized Igor’s work computer. Valentina the wife of Igor Movenko reported about this to the Crimean human rights group. “A few hours later, about 12 p.m. the security forces brought Igor to our home in handcuffs. The door...
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The norms of the bill on the Occupied Territories violate fundamental human rights

Not long ago, a group of deputies, including Oksana Syroed, Dmitry Tymchuk, Georgiy Logvinskiy, Semen Semenchenko, Yegor Sobolev and many others, have registered a new draft law “On the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine» (№ 3593-d of 19/07/2016,). Since the draft law concerns the issues of Crimea and respect for human rights, the experts of the Crimean human rights group conducted its analysis and determined that many norms do...
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The violations of human rights in the case of “Ukrainian saboteurs”

On 10 August 2016 the Federal Security Service of Russia has officially stated that “a series of terrorist acts” allegedly “prepared by the Head Office of the Ministry of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine” were prevented on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the Russian police authorities. EvgenyPanov, a Ukrainian citizen, a resident of Energodar- Zaporozhye region (Ukraine), was arrested; according to...
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Every day of illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens should cost Russia a lot of money and political losses – Olga Skrypnyk at the UN.

“Each day of unlawful imprisonment, every day in prison for Ukrainian political prisoners should cost Russiaa lot of money and political losses”, – said Olga Skrypnyk, the coordinator of the Crimean Human Rights Group, during a special event at the Palais des Nations, where the United Nations office in Geneva is situated. The event under the topic “International monitoring of human rights situation in Crimea: Conclusions...
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Consequences of the blockade of crimea: human rights violations and humanitarian issues

Crimean human rights group has prepared a brief overview CONSEQUENCES OF THE BLOCKADE OF CRIMEA: HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND HUMANITARIAN...
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