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Human rights activists urge to release of activists Mustafayev and Smayilov and to stop the pressure on the civic movement “Crimean Solidarity”

  To international organizations and the governments of Ukraine, EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan   OPEN ADDRESS   On May 21, 2018, two Crimean Tatar activists, Edem Smailov and Server Mustafayev, were detained after the searches in their houses in Russia-occupied Crimea. On May 22, the Kyiv District Court of Simferopol controlled by the Russian Federation arrested the detainees for 20 days...
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Vladimir Balukh was visited by the Russian Ombudsman in the Crimean pre-trial establishment (SIZO)

Tatyana Moskalkova, the Russian Human Rights Commissioner, visited the Ukrainian activist Vladimir Balukh at the Simferopol pre-trial establishment (SIZO) on May 18, 2018. The ombudsman asked the Ukrainian about the state of his health, whether Vladimir has any complaints. According to the information of the Crimean Human Rights Group, after her visit to the ward of Vladimir Balukh, a curtain was placed, which separates the toilet from the rest...
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Roskomnadzor banned the materials of the Crimean human rights group

Notifications regarding the ban were received at the email of the Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG). Roskomnadzor’s letters state that if publications are not removed from the site, access to the CHRG website will be restricted in the territory of the Russian Federation. The articles forbidden by Russian censors contain information about the unlawful summoning of Crimean citizens to the Russian army, which is a violation of international...
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Open appeal of human rights organizations on the illegal conviction of Ihor Movenko

To Governments of Ukraine, EU Member States, Switzerland, Norway, the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan to international organizations   OPEN APPEAL   On May 4th 2018 Mr Pavel Kryllo, a judge of ‘Gagarinsky District Court’ of Sevastopol City (a RF citizen who has arrived from Omsk City) passed a judgment on Mr Ihor Movenko, a Ukrainian activist, and handed him a two-year’s sentence in the general regime penal colony for comments...
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Ukrainian Andrei Kolomiets was placed in the disciplinary cell for sentenced prisoners (ShIZO) at the penal colony of the Russian Federation for the fourth time

A Ukrainian political prisoner, Maidan participant Andrei Kolomiets, was placed in in the disciplinary cell for sentenced prisoners (ShIZO) at the penal colony of the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation for the fourth time. He was in the Russian colony since November 2016. According to the wife of Ukrainian Galina Kolomiets, Andrei will stay there for 15 days, until May 19, 2018. As previously reported by Crimean human rights group,...
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Children study in Russian in only Ukrainian school in Crimea

There is no Ukrainian class in the Ukrainian medium School no 20 in Feodosia as the schoolchildren and their parents have reported to the Crimean Human Rights Group. The school charter published at the educational establishment website says that there are two language media at school – Russian and Ukrainian. However, the information board at the school entrance is only in Russian.   You may find the Ukrainian school website on the...
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Zakhtei was interrogated in the Crimean “court” in the case of the “Ukrainian saboteur” Panov

Today, on May 3, 2018, the next hearing in the case of “Ukrainian saboteur” Evgenii Panov took place in the “Supreme Court” of Crimea. The case is trialed by “judge” Andrei Palii. According to the lawyer Dmitrii Dinze four witnesses of the prosecution were questioned at the meeting: two witnesses, a representative of the MUP (public utility company) and the other defendants in the case – Andrei...
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The Grace Clement was not allowed to visit Baluch in the Crimean detention centre

The Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Clement today, on April 23, 2018, was not allowed to visit Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Balukh in pre-trial establishment (SIZO) of Simferopol. Earlier, Archbishop Clement received the status of public defender of Balukh and has the right to visit him in places of detention. However, the employees of the SIZO demanded from Clement the resolution of the court as a separate document in accordance...
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The Ukrainian Vladimir Balukh is going to be placed to the disciplinary cell for remand prisoners (kartzer)

The administration of the Simferopol pre-trial establishment (SIZO) decided to place Vladimir Balukh in the disciplinary cell for remand prisoners (kartzer) “for violating the internal regulations.” The activist told his lawyer about this, who visited him on 20 April. In the punishment cell the Ukrainian will stay for three days. The decision on placing a person in a kartzer is taken by a commission from the detention centre staff....
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4 people died unnaturally in April in Simferopol Detention Center

In April of 2018, according to CHRG data, at least four people including two Crimean Tatars, died unnaturally in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1. The CHRG holds information that Mr Server Bilialov, 69 years old, and Mr Oleg Goncharov, 46 years old, were supposedly found hanged in the Simferopol Detention Center no 1 administrated by the RF occupation authorities. On April 12th Mr Dmitriy Shypovnik, 23 years old, was found hanged in the...
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Four criminal articles and a long list of objects for “sabotage” – Panov’s accusation in Crimean “court”

On April 16, 2018, the indictment was read to Ukrainian Evgenii Panov in the “court”. The text of the document says that the FSB accuses the citizen of Ukraine Evgenii Panov in “preparing sabotage in Crimea as part of a sabotage group.” In addition, the Ukrainian is accused of “smuggling ammunition across the customs border of the Customs Union.” The prosecution was brought in action on several articles of...
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The head of the temporary detention facility was forced to write a statement on Balukh, in order to open another criminal case against the activist – reported the lawyer

Defender of Vladimir Balukh lawyer Dmitry Dinze gave his comments regarding the meeting of the Razdolnensky District Court. The lawyer reported that during the court session a video recording of the corridor and the chamber where V. Baluch was located at the time of his conflict with the head of the temporary detention facility Razdolnesky District Court was demonstrated. Also, the lawyer told about the results of the interrogation of the...
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